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When you think about an instrument clone, you think about an instrument that you would like as close as possible to the original vintage sound you love. An organ emulation moves towards ultimate perfection as it gets closer and closer. The trouble is: in the past when the player has thought about a clone of that vintage organ sound, they considered the quality of the sound but not so much about the feeling of the hardware, positioning of knobs and selection tabs.

The Hamichord is “perfect”! It is the same well-loved layout you will find only in the original, vintage electromagnetic organ. You have found it here!

Percussion tabs are on the right with vibrato tabs on the left having 4 full sets of 9 drawbars with pedal drawbars and the very-familiar, classic reverse- colored keys for presets. The Hamichord is set-up for easy preset controlling like the original. It doesn't stop there - having the authentic vibrato selection knob and rotary speaker speed selection switch positioned in the right place. Tired of the buttons with the LEDs and controls in the wrong place? The Hamichord has everything in the RIGHT place. It operates exactly like the analog original's interface. If you are at home with the vintage original then you will be at home with the Hamichord including having to start the organ.

The Hamichord means just plug and play. For those who would enjoy getting in there deeper - a new world of possibilities comes to life that maybe only you have thought of. You can update Hamichord with organ software for many years to come.

Think about this: your organ hardware is the same as in 1935 and will be the same forever but with one big twist - you now only have to change your sound engine!!!

Don't waste your money and your time buying new organ clones only to go out of date shortly thereafter. Save your money. Buy a Hamichord and then all you need to upgrade is to install new software. Hamichord offers some new features and the power of upgrading is now at TOP!!! Hamichord organ is a modular system: in its full configuration (Meaning M-C3 + Exp-edition), the instrument is a fully featured electromagnetic organ clone; Hamichord MC-3 is the MIDI controller unit and using it as standalone, you can drive your favorite software or expander directly via MIDI out: all the classic features of the original electromagnetic organ under your hands! Feel free to use your external module or your favourite VST and Hamichord M-C3 will take care of presets, drawbars, percussions and so on, doesn’t matter if the sound you are using doesn’t have, for example, the support for the 4 set of drawbars: the feature is managed by the microcontroller inside the M-C3! If you want you can later expand your Hamichord system adding the “sound engine” ( Hamichord exp-edition) composed by a standard rack module for take advantage of the fantastic sound of our VB3 Hamichord edition II. perfectly fitting inside your Hamichord controller, so just connect the special plug and you have a fully working Hamichord: just plug and play!!!


Hamichord is powered by the great VB3 version II, the ultimate and most realistic tonewheel physical modeling generation. VB3 version II generates digitally electromagnetic sound in the same way the original organ does mechanically and electrically: how the 91 tonewheels work and interact one each other with the contribution of leakeage and crosstalk, how rotary speaker and drive affect the sound. The foldback is reproduced with the same characteristics as the original; also, the vibrato scanner that provides vibrato and chorus with its mechanical and electrical components are carefully modeled to be as close as possible to the real thing.

VB3 II's rotary speaker simulation offers the same acoustic details as mechanical spinning horn and drum and, thanks to the interface of VB3 II, you can interact with all parameters of the simulation like cabinet dimensions, accelerations, mic positioning and others: control the simulation with the classic halfmoon and take advantage of our new "V.S. Technology" that recreate the details of rotary speakers not only in classic "stereo way" (horizontal simulation) but also in vertical position. In this way the two main L & R outputs of Hamichord turn into Treble and Bass simulated outputs with internal 800 Hz crossover cut-off. Just connect two speakers, stack them one on top of the other and feel the most impressive emulation available. You can also use external genuine rotary cabinets by just disabling the internal simulation from its dedicated selector.


With the "tonewheel generator set" function you have the possibility to choose between 20 different types of tone generator: measurements of real generators each with different characters and sound. From pick-up regolation. aging, crosstalk... very important details for create the sound. Changing from one generator to another will affect every parameter of the sound chain: from response of leakeage to drive... it's like the original!

Two different types of drive/saturation: one for simulation of "hot tubes" and one for a real "overdrive" sound very useful if you play hard-rock music. You can hear the difference between key click on attack and on release: it is not sampled but generated in real-time with proportional consistency and lenght and it's present in pedalboard tones too. Like the original, percussion has got a slower recharge time in comparation with decay: you can easily hear this feature when pause between two note is not so long to permit all recharge time of percussion capacitor: this is called "touch percussion" and it is reproduced in details. Tapering of percussion follows related drawbar, crosstalk is present in percussion too. On Hamichord, vibrato is not a frequency modulator, but a genuine phase modulator: it is more present in the central part of sound spectrum and almost absent in the last 3 or 4 tonewheels. Reverberation is faithfull simulation of spring reverber Accutronics Type4. Swell pedal of Hamichord is not a volume pedal, it acts like the original as a notch filter.

Hamichord has full poliphony: 61 + 61 keys for the manuals and 25 for pedalboard! there isn't the "note stealing" effect because the sound is instantly generated exactly in the same way like the original circuitry.


Hamichord makes no compromises with the original. Two 61 keys waterfall keyboards with ultra fast response without velocity: this is a very important feature for having the same feeling as the original one; you can activate velocity if you want to use this feature for example for control a different instrument (es. piano). With the reverse coloured octave, you can select your preset, you can choose the drawbars set to use, you can store your own preset with EPS functionality (easy preset store): with the new firmware you can also use the preset keys as function buttons for advance features.

Genuine mechanical controls: 4 sets of real drawbars, latched buttons for percussion and vibrato, rotary selector for vibrato type, halfmoon, everything created with the same feeling as original; the only difference is an add-on: 6 knobs for general volume, drive, reverber, keyclick, bass and treble. You can easily control the internal rotary speaker simulation also with a pedal switch (optional), connecting it to the dedicated plug. A real swell pedal (not volume pedal) is also included

Finally... what about design? The hardware and the construction of the organ is really slick: only metal and genuine wood are used for the instruments, 100% made in Italy with a special care for details. Choose between 3 different finishes: genuine wood, black road and brown road: all parts are changeable: you can replace damaged parts (or if you want to change the finishes) by yourself without dismounting the instrument making Hamichord your definitive clone. Do you want custom finishes? We can do it for you! You can add our "vintage look" stand and our bench for make your setup really huge. Protecting your instrument on your touring life is very important: Hamichord Gig Bag, Gig Bag for stand and Gig Bag for bench helps you to preserve your precious instrument.


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